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We offer a wide range of training courses, workshops and activities where you can learn new skills or refresh your existing knowledge.IMG_0911

      • Green wood work
      • Basket making
      • Bushcraft
      • Woodland management
      • Tree climbing and abseiling
      • Mountain navigation
Green wood work

These courses involve most aspects of traditional green wood work, using hand tools for cutting, shaving and shaping green wood cut from coppice woodland or pollarded trees for making furniture, tools and other everyday items for the home. After completing a green woodwork course expect to be confident with using the axe, the drawknife, the froe, the bilhook as well as other sharp tools like gouges and chisels as well as how, why and when to apply these tools to create the desired craft. Have a go on the shaving horse and the almost magical pole lathe for some wood turning. Turn your first chair leg, rolling pin or candle stick or maybe even a rounders bat. Learn how to make your very own shave horse or pole lathe to take home.dsc_2593

Green woodwork – 1 day course £65. Learn new skills using hand tools and coppice woods. Refreshments included.

Green woodwork – 2 day course £150. Learn new skills using hand tools, make useful products using coppice woods like ash or cherry. Camping or glamping accommodation if required. Tea and refreshments included. Small groups.


Bushcraft workshops – 1 day from £50mushroom

Bushcraft course –  2 day course costs £150 This course gets you out in the wilderness and includes knot work, spoon making and fire craft, the use of sharp metal tools including the forest axe, the pull saw, the bushcraft knife, the hook knife, ropes and lashing, water purification  under a woodland shelter.

Basket making – 1 day course from £50 plus materials. Make a willow basket  and take it home to enjoy. Learn how to prepare the willow before making a unique basket. Learn different weaving techniques such as randing, slewing and waling. Hand tools will be used including a sharp bodkin and knife.

Woodland Management

If you own a woodland of your own but don’t have all the skills necessary to carry out efficient management practices but you want to learn how to do it for yourself then this course is for you. Chainsaw training is available as part of this course. 2 Day starter courses available – £250

RTC (Recreational tree climbing)

Tree climbing and rope skills –  courses from £65. Explore the canopy of large trees and learn new climbing skills using a harness and rope. Abseiling and ascending a rope are part of this course. 2 adults per course.








Mountain Navigationa1

Hillwalking is a fulfilling and rewarding activity, its the best way to see our wild places but not without its inherent risks. Fog and mists are common even in Summer, heavy rain and cloud can spoil your day and hinder your bearings and getting lost is a classic consequence of bad planning and preparation. Learn new skills or revive old ones now forgotten, we all need a refresher now and then. If you’re confident at finding your way using map, compass and other skills involving navigating in wild terrain you can go a lot further, move efficiently around the mountains with the knowledge you can get yourself out again safely.

1 day refresher course – from £50. 2 day beginner and improver courses from £100. Small groups.

Booking an activity

Please email us for future course dates and information, there is normally a course running on the last weekend of every month and special course dates will be uploaded on a monthly basis.

Or if you have already decided on a course or activity we can run these on a day that suits you or your group. For more info contact

The cost of our courses vary from course to course and depends on group numbers. Phone or email for more info on costs. We can always give good discounts on group bookings. If booking onto a standard course it can usually cost up to £65 a day but can cost more if you are making your own shave horse or pole lathe to take home as the materials cost extra. You can also hire one of our guides for the day for up to 5 group members in a group depending on the activity.

If you would like us to demonstrate our craft and display our work at an event we would be very pleased to do so.

Above a green wood work demonstration at The Welsh National Eisteddfod on the ‘Maes gwyrdd’ (Green field) summer 2012

For more info on demonstrations contact us by email or phone:

07399 227 602