shelters & fire bowls

We provide all the necessary kit to keep you and your group dry and warm in the 20171203_151424woods but also lets you blend into the environment with minimal impact. Our shelters have been tested vigorously and have proved time and time again to be reliable and hard wearing through the worst of the Welsh weather, protecting you and your kit. Our fire bowls are a favourite with bushcraft groups, beach goers, campers and festivals. We provide many festival and camping venues with various different sized fire bowls to suit their needs.

Fire bowls

Our fire bowls are very popular with larger groups and for those who don’t want to leave any traces behind. Sometimes a fire on the ground is the only option but then there are situations where it’s best to raise the fire off the ground, usually to protect the forest floor or maybe you need to cook and boil water more practically and more efficiently and incorporate the use of flat trivets or hot plates. The medium sized bowl is the most popular and well used unless you need to provide for a lot of people when the large is a better bet.  We regularly sell out of fire bowls so just let us know which size and how many and we will ship out your order within one to two weeks. Our large fire bowls are a meter in diameter and suitable for very large groups of 20 people or more. Our medium fire bowls will keep a group of up to 10 – 12 warm and comfortable and our small fire bowls are great for small families if camping or barbecuing on the beach.20171203_151434

Large – £120

Medium – £45

Small – £30

Fire Trivets & hot plates

Trivets are one of those items that you just can’t do without. They make boiling water or cooking food on an open fire a breeze. You just can’t love them enough! Our trivets are made from the old horse shoes of section A,B,C and D Welsh cobs. They are bombproof. We make trivets with and without legs. We are not sure what to call a trivet without legs but if you come up with a good word for one please let us know. For now we’ll call them flat trivets! The flat trivets are for sitting across the fire bowls over a bed of embers or a small fire so you can easily place a kettle or a pan on top. When the fire has a lot of stacked wood burning then a three legged trivet is best. Just push or wedge it into the stack. One of each gives you all the options. Pictured here is one of our medium fire bowls with a cast iron hot plate from a rayburn.


Extra large special – £75

Large flat – £40

Large with legs – £45

medium flat – £25

medium with legs – £30

small three legged – £20

Canvas shelter20171203_151411

You need to be comfortable when working or playing down in the wood. First thing is to erect some sort of shelter, high enough to be able to light a fire underneath so the smoke will lift up then disperse  without being trapped inside your shelter. Our shelters are made from heavy duty khaki green poly cotton canvas and will last for years. They are rot proof, rain proof and fire proof. We cannot recommend these highly enough. Webbing re-enforcement on the corners makes tightening up your IMG_1056shelter easy and reasuring.  Guy ropes and toggles made from thick rot proof cord will secure the shelter. 21ft x 14ft will give you more than enough space for a camp kitchen, a fire place, 3 or 4 benches, storage for food and tools and when your friends come to visit everyone can sit around the fire with full bellies and a glass of wine.

21ft x 14 ft canvas – £750 plus postage (£20)