‘Treen’ means ‘of the tree’. Go back 50 or 60 years in every town there would be crafts people of all kinds. Smiths, cobblers, coopers and bodgers applying their trade. Green wood workers making all things wood, from chairs and tables to spoons and bowls, door knobs, walking sticks, rolling pins, toy soldiers, hobby horses, candle sticks, mallets, tent pegs, toggles and tool handles, the list goes on and on. Wooden items of all shapes and sizes, practical items for the home and workshop, decorative crafts lovely to behold, children’s toys for those who behave! Everything was made of wood.

These days most household utensils are made from plastic and steel. Plastic is everywhere you look. A waste product of the oil industry turned into almost everything imaginable. Unfortunately unlike wood, plastic is non bio-degradable and is not a sustainable resource. It has changed our lives for better or for worse. You can see its effect on every beach in the world. In every kitchen. In every town and village. How things have changed in only 60 years or so.

Its hard for us now to imagine a world with no plastic at all. But this was the case up until the 1950’s, a blink of an eyelid ago. How did we all survive without plastic? Quite well actually. We made things of wood, we made things to last, if we didn’t need it, we didn’t make it. Because wood was so important as a natural resource we looked after our woodlands better. We became skilled in the ways of woodworking, carpentry, cabinet making but it was the green woodworkers of old who produced most of our treenware, our everyday products we now so easily take for granted.

Our treen is made from local sustainable timber which has grown in Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion or Carmarthenshire. Woodlands that have been looked after in a sustainable way. Trees and hedges that have been cared for properly.

Treen products that we make include the following items:

  • spoons
  • towel rails
  • door knobs
  • candle sticks
  • dibbers
  • rolling pins
  • chopping boards
  • mallets
  • scoops
  • spatulas
  • tent pegs
  • toggles
  • pencils
  • pull switch handles
  • darning mushrooms
  • honey drizzlers20171128_103937
  • rounder’s bats
  • wooden swords
  • small boxes
  • hobby horses
  • bookmarks
  • bowls
  • plates
  • besoms (brooms)
  • mushrooms
  • hazel and willow hurdles
  • willow baskets
  • willow sculptures
  •  cleft gates
  • shelving units
  • benches
  • chairs and stoolsspindleback chair
  • tables
  • coffee tables
  • chests and boxes
  • picture frames
  • bird boxes
  • skittles
  • pipes
  • longbows
  • arrows
  • faggots
  • fire starting kits

This list doesn’t stop here! If you can think of anything else that you need, just let us know.