willow baskets

Basketmaking is a skill that exists in almost every culture in the world and dates back to prehistoric times. Usually basketmakers would use the natural resources available to them.

Our baskets are made from willow as is the tradition in Britain, its the perfect climate for willow. British basketmaking willow is superior to willow from abroad; European and Chinese willow in particular is far less durable and considerably affects the baskets’ longevity unlike our own willow baskets.

Chinese baskets are considerably cheaper because of two main reasons. Firstly the willow is inferior and secondly, because knowing how long an average basket takes to make and the fact that machines cannot yet make baskets means that someone somewhere in China who has made the basket has undoubtedly been paid a meagre wage at best as the wholesale cost of these Chinese products is so low alarm bells inevitably start to ring regarding human rights.

So, if you are seriously considering buying a basket it is good practice to ask where the basket was made. It is of course much less environmentally and ecologically friendly to buy such products from a country over 6,000 miles away when a better product can be had a few miles away from where you live as well as being better for local business. This is the dilemma that faces British basketmakers in the 21st centuary – competing with China.The good thing is we offer a far more diverse selection of baskets ranging from traditional shoppers, pickers, log baskets, laundry or wash baskets, as well as traditional cultural and period baskets such as the Irish Kisheen.


Choosing a basket

  • We use up to seven different types of willow in our baskets to create colour and texture.
  • We can make baskets to order. Let us know what colours you like, which kind of basket and we will taylor make it for you.
  • Or just contact us by email or phone to see what is in stock.

Price guide (prices can vary)

  • Small picker – £15.00
  • regular picker -£25.00
  • small shopper -£30.00
  • regular shopper – £40.00
  • small kisheen -£35.00
  • regular kisheen -£45.00
  • med log basket -£60.00
  • large log basket – £80.00
  • med laundry -£50.00
  • large laundry -£70.00
  • med round -£50.00
  • large round -£70.00
  • small wall basket -£20.00
  • medium wall basket -£30.00
  • large wall basket -£40.00
  • small oval -£30.00
  • regular oval -£40.00
  • bread basket -£25.00
  • large fluted -£80.00
  • large pot belly -£80.00
  • Bespoke baskets of your design on request (price will vary)

Medium Log

Small Kisheen

Small laundry

Small wall basket

Large wall basket


Small picker

Large round

Large picker

Large oval

Large oval & large Kisheen

Large kisheen

Bucket basket

Bread basket

Long handled special